Why Choose Loud Ladybird?

Why Choose Loud Ladybird? 2017-09-25T13:44:01+01:00

The team at Loud Ladybird can support your business with a one-off design, photography or copywriting project right through to acting like a plug-in marketing department for your business and generating on-going marketing success and growth. Many of our clients enjoy this approach – knowing that they have the resource and skill sets of a fully fledged marketing department to draw on as and when they need it…

The Loud Ladybird team works with many businesses in and around Bury St Edmunds (and beyond) and across a variety of sectors and industries. We enjoy an extremely high volume of repeat business and gain many client recommendations, which, we feel, attests to the level of service we provide.

We genuinely and wholeheartedly care about our clients and their ventures and it’s an absolute privilege to work with so many inspiring and highly capable people who deftly run exceptional businesses; we’re proud to be part of their successes. If you’d like to discover what we can do for you then please feel welcome to make contact.

Why choose Loud Ladybird for your website?

Unlike a standalone web designer, the Loud Ladybird website design team works in unison with a professional copywriter and photographer, offering both journalistic prowess and artistic flair to create highly engaging website content with text, keywords and images working harmoniously within the information architecture (i.e the structure of the website created by the designer). This cohesive and all-encompassing approach is what underpins Loud Ladybird and represents what we genuinely believe is best practice in terms of website creation.

In addition, making a beautiful and engaging new website live is just the first step of creating a successful online presence that serves your business objectives. The Loud Ladybird team has experience of successfully delivering tangible results (i.e. increased footfall or generation of online sales) through successful digital marketing and social media marketing, including online advertising, pay per click (PPC) advertising and digital PR.

Why choose Loud Ladybird for your photography requirements?

Quite honestly, because we routinely deliver exceptional results and have worked for numerous businesses – in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Norfolk, London and Europe – and across an array of industries, always offering a full spectrum photography service, which includes conventional photography techniques as well as elevation photography (or mast photography). The Loud Ladybird team has successfully fulfilled a panoply of commercial photography projects and covered charitable, corporate and other events for a wide variety of clients in East Anglia and beyond.

Furthermore Loud Ladybird has been directly commissioned to provide photography coverage for magazines and has had numerous photographs published in local, regional and national media and on many websites, as well as within a whole host of PR, digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Why choose Loud Ladybird for your PR campaign?

With a qualified journalist on the team who has also undertaken roles on a busy features desk, as a sub editor and editor, not to mention as a PR practitioner working on proactive strategies within a top level PR agency, this alone makes Loud Ladybird an excellent choice for your PR campaign. Nevertheless, with an integrated and cross discipline approach, Loud Ladybird can also support press releases, news and features with photography and, having been directly commissioned by editors, has a true understanding of what magazines and the media at large require on all fronts. Seamlessly weaving PR into every aspect of your brand – and showcasing its story – as well as within digital marketing and social media campaigns is another area of integration offered by Loud Ladybird.

Furthermore, having worked with and for the media (locally, regionally and nationally) the Loud Ladybird team enjoys excellent and fruitful working relationships with editors, journalists and media professionals in Suffolk and beyond.