If your business has social media accounts but the humble hashtag # – and its role in the context of social media – remains something of an enigma then it may be time to consider a rethink in terms of how (or even if) to use social media, or perhaps it’s time to enlist support with your social media marketing.

Businesses all over the world are finding and creating opportunities to interact across a variety of social media platforms. There’s even a supporting hashtag, which is effectively just a way of grouping a topic, for everyday of the week: #MotivationMonday #TipTuesday #Wise Wednesday #ThrowbackThursday #FollowFriday

Nevertheless, a word of caution, overuse of these devices can deaden the response of your followers. Whether it’s the deployment of a hashtag or creating a post or tweet, it’s important to keep in mind social protocols that exist beyond the virtual world. No one, for instance, enjoys a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves. A balanced conversation is a two-way interaction in which those taking part both give and receive. Giving genuine tips and advice based on expertise or sharing an idea, article or photo that is genuinely inspiring, is more likely to gain traction that bombarding a social media community with posts about why a business is best. That’s not to say that there isn’t room to promote a brand and it’s values, rather that the management of the process requires care, consideration and sensitivity to the social nuances at play.


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