It’s been as varied a week as ever at Loud Ladybird HQ. Specifically in the copywriting department, projects have been back-to-back and about an array of topics in support of numerous businesses – how wonderfully eclectic!

It’s also been a week of deadlines (not at all unusual) with projects going to print or being published imminently. So far, the Loud Ladybird copywriting team has been engaged in ghost writing a feature in support of a monthly newspaper column formally penned by a company director.

The week has also been punctuated by drafting and proofreading a panoply of commercial and business communications and documentation. This is certainly a growing area with businesses welcoming the opportunity to have a professional copywriter to aid or oversee the production of important written communications. Ensuring that copy is concise, coherent, engaging and intelligible secures the best chance of success.

Also in play everyday is the rolling programme of writing and uploading news, features, blog entries, commentaries, updates, posts and tweets, as well as copy for advertisements and in support of press releases and PR campaigns. Furthermore there are the on-going multi-discipline projects which require not only copywriting but also website design or graphic design as well as photography – all services that integrate seamlessly at Loud Ladybird. So this week, those projects include providing copy for a new website that’s currently under construction and producing magazine inspired copy for a beautiful glossy brochure that’s also currently in production.

The life of a copywriter at Loud Ladybird is certainly never dull!

The Loud Ladybird creative team delivers a comprehensive and integrated approach – bringing together a copywriting service, photography service, graphic design service, website design service, public relations (or media relations) and marketing services – in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and beyond. To learn more, feel welcome to make contact.

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