The latest digital marketing campaigns launched by Loud Ladybird join a list of other past and on-going digital marketing successes and are quickly garnering tangible results.

While print and offline media options certainly have a place and purpose within the marketing mix, digital marketing is just so pleasing for offering such a quick, direct and tangible outcome. It has to be said that monitoring the progress of digital marketing campaigns is nothing short of exciting and generates a real buzz within the Loud Ladybird studio! Just this week, we’re enjoying watching a social media marketing campaign in action and it’s quickly picking up momentum, for example 140+ new page likes for the related Facebook page last week and that’s just the start…

The Loud Ladybird creative team delivers a comprehensive and integrated approach – bringing together a copywriting service, photography service, graphic design service, website design service, public relations (or media relations) and marketing services – in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and beyond. To learn more, feel welcome to make contact.

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