We nearly called this feature “five favourite fonts” but actually this is not strictly reflective of how font choice works for the graphic design team at Loud Ladybird.
When working on a graphic design (or web design) project that requires the use of a font, how font selection actually arises is from the graphic design team selecting the most appropriate font based purely on what is most suitable for the graphic design project in hand. 
When using fronts for branding, it’s vitally important to ensure that fonts work for both printed graphics and for digital projects with web versions of the font being readily available. Consideration needs to be given to this issue particularly for website design projects.
Nevertheless, we thought we’d share five great fonts that the graphic design and website design team have utilised on recent projects so here they are:
1) Helvetica Neue – this sans-serif font, reputedly developed in 1957, is modern, slick and versatile hence being widely used and appreciated.
2) Trajan Pro – this is a powerful and classic serif font that delivers a stylised approach. See this in action on the Sharon Hunt Eventing website designed by the Loud Ladybird team. 
3) Trebuchet MS – this clean and highly legible sans-serif font was apparently inspired by American motorway signage according to its creator and is regularly in favour with the Loud Ladybird graphic design team. 
4) Lora – this font delivers a modern take on the traditional serif font and is apparently inspired by traditional calligraphy. It offers pleasing smoothness and curves.
5) Lobster – it’s always useful to have a script font in the toolkit and this is one recently employed by the Loud Ladybird graphic design and web design team. See it on the Undley Farm Events logo design and website design – both recent projects undertaken by Loud Ladybird.

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