Fairy garden

This year the team at Loud Ladybird has been rather inspired by the idea of creating a fairy garden – a quest first dreamt up by small people who love all things fairyland! So we took up the creative challenge and decided to give it a go one weekend and we thought we’d share what we came up with… Our Fairy Garden is fashioned from a reclaimed chimenea, which was otherwise disused, so an excellent recycling project too! Not surprisingly, perhaps, it features many loud ladybirds and of course some fairies too. We chose succulents as they have the look of being in miniature. The small people behind the creative project brief have also happily been collecting pinecones, stones, shells and gems and decorating the Fairy Garden is becoming something of an on-going pursuit this summer. Next time we might have a go at making a miniature dinosaur garden – sounds fun!


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