In all honesty the Loud Ladybird graphic design team does get teased every now and again that what they really do is “colouring”. Just to set the record straight, it’s not quite “colouring” in terms of the childhood pursuit involving beloved crayons or favourite felt tips (although our graphic design team does wholeheartedly think this is an excellent activity!) Still, choosing the correct hues is a large part of what the graphic design team does on a daily basis – often drawing inspiration from the project in hand and the industry it’s serving.

All this discussion of colouring, did, however, make us examine our pen pots at Loud Ladybird and we do wonder if they are perhaps more colourful than those found in other workplaces… (We’ll let you be the judge!) Furthermore, we suspect that perhaps our graphic design team has in fact never grown out of having cherished pens and pencils – just look at the lion or the crown sitting atop those writing (or rather drawing) apparatus… Ho hum, not a felt tip or crayon in sight though!

The Loud Ladybird creative team delivers a comprehensive and integrated approach – bringing together a copywriting service, photography service, graphic design service, website design service, public relations (or media relations) and marketing services – in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and beyond. To learn more, feel welcome to make contact.

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