This week, a focus of the Loud Ladybird copywriting team has been the ghost writing of a presentation on behalf of a company director.

After being provided a bullet point brief, the Loud Ladybird copywriting team, working with the support of the graphic design and photography teams, developed these into a fully branded and illustrated slide presentation.

There are a number of pointers for writing and designing a successful presentation – here are the Loud Ladybird team’s top five tips:

  1. Begin by drafting a flat plan of your presentation so you can work out how many slides you need (as a rough guide, 8-10 slides per ten minutes is an effective ratio to keep in mind). If the event you’re presenting at has provided a relatively open brief then now’s also the time to come up with an engaging title for your presentation.
  2. Keep copy concise and succinct – avoid slides that are entirely filled with text and make sparse use of bullet points.
  3. Present information is a visually appealing, easily legible and varied way – consider using a range of visual devices but only as appropriate, depending on your topic, the event your speaking at and the target audience. Options to consider include: numerical bar or pie charts or tables; infographics (i.e. information graphics providing data visualisation); video and/or photography; illustrations.
  4. Limit the use of animated transitions between slides – too many will be dizzying for your audience.
  5. Create a presentation that also conveys a sense of your brand and values.

Here also are a few additional observations to make about successfully delivering a presentation – pre-presentation rehearsals are crucial and can abate technical hitches too. Take your time during the presentation and aim to ad lib between slides, offering further insights about the topic under discussion. From the audience’s perspective, merely watching a speaker read slides verbatim is dull and predictable.

If you feel you need help drafting a presentation then do feel welcome to make contact. Also, if you need supporting branded exhibition graphics, signage banners, pop-up display banners or exhibition display banners then these are all offerings routinely delivered by the Loud Ladybird team.

The Loud Ladybird creative team delivers a comprehensive and integrated approach – bringing together a copywriting service, photography service, graphic design service, website design service, public relations (or media relations) and marketing services – in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and beyond. To learn more, feel welcome to make contact.

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