The copywriting team at Loud Ladybird enjoys learning about all sorts of subjects, many of which are often pretty inspiring. The subject matter of this week’s commercial copywriting project – to produce text for the marketing of a property – is no exception. There are many remarkable aspects to this property but perhaps what really stands out for our team is the property’s natural swimming pool. What a simply glorious idea; it provides an idyllic and quintessentially English setting, is completely self-cleaning and, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s surrounded by beautiful lilies – how wonderful!
The swimming area of the pond, which, in case you’re wondering offers clear waters with excellent visibility to the bottom, is 3.5m x 12.5m and the regeneration zone around it is of a similar area filled with gravel and water plants to filter and remove nutrients from the water to keep it clear and algae free. The swimming area is 1m deep at the shallow end and 2.5m deep at the deep end.
The pool sits – in a south facing position – between a dedicated patio (near the house) and a decked area (also the site of the summer house), which also boasts a hot tub with water consistently at a balmy 38ºC making swimming a year-round option for hearty folk! 
We feel truly fortunate to visit, write about and photograph such amazing places.

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