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With a qualified journalist and professional proof reader on the team with experience as a published features writer, sub editor and editor, as well as plenty experience in commercial and digital copywriting, Loud Ladybird is able to offer a comprehensive and fully rounded copywriting service that supports businesses in many ways.

Routine copywriting projects range from proof reading letters and emails through to writing text for websites and brochures. Writing press releases and ghost written columns and articles – in support of on-going PR campaigns or on a one-off basis – also forms an important part of our writing services.

Commercial copywriting

With numerous commercial copywriting projects successfully undertaken and garnering tangible results for clients, the team at Loud Ladybird has produced targeted and effective commercial copy for businesses across a huge variety of industries – ranging from financial services and the veterinary profession through to property.

Our team is extremely experienced at working to a specific brief or word count objective but can equally advise you regarding how best to develop ideas and the optimum length of copy required. Writing successful copy most appropriate for a range of media and print outputs – including brochures, leaflets, advertising campaigns and posters – is a daily activity for the team at Loud Ladybird.

Delivering interesting and engaging ways to successfully convey key messages and compelling readers to take action is vital within the commercial setting – these commercial copywriting objectives are also a daily proposition for the Loud Ladybird copywriting team. Our commercial copywriting service also dovetails with our commercial photography, graphic design and print services ensuring that we can seamlessly take care of every aspect of a project.

Website content copywriting

Writing successful content for websites requires a holistic and multifaceted approach as there are many goals to achieve. Writing engaging and clear text for the visitor to the website is imperative. Clearly signposting how the website works, what to expect within the online customer journey, or enticing visitors to interact with the website are also factors that need to be successfully addressed. Ensuring that the information architecture and structure of the website is clearly annotated and intuitive to use also relies on successful website copywriting. Copywriting, in conjunction with relevant web design features, also plays a role in the website’s performance in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). Ensuring the imagery or photography works cohesively with the website’s text content is also the remit of the website’s copywriter in conjunction with the web design team.

Website updates

Even when all aspects of website content copywriting are delivered with great success, there’s still the need to implement an on-going and creative plan for how to keep the website up-to-date and performing as well as it can. With an editorial background and experience of delivering successful marketing campaigns, coming up with engaging, interesting and varied ideas for new, relevant and pertinent copy to keep websites fresh – whilst also upholding a business’ overarching marketing, PR and strategic objectives – is a daily source of innovation for the Loud Ladybird team. Having a genuine journalistic approach, backed up by a trained eye, and being experienced at conveying a ‘house style’ (in terms of the tone of an article), is also such an advantage in writing news and features for websites, as well as continually coming up with a rolling programme of engaging content for a website.

Digital copywriting

A website ordinarily forms a central component of the digital marketing strategy and can constitute a main focus in terms of digital copywriting. Nevertheless, there is an array of additional digital marketing options and tools that can be extremely effective for generating fresh leads. Each one is underpinned by a specific digital copywriting approach and discipline. From email marketing campaigns through to online and pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, the approach required to produce powerful, results-driven copy varies. An understanding of the digital platform in play and which one(s) to utilise for best effect within a digital marketing campaign is vital but so is the ability to produce concise and fruitful digital marketing copy. In some cases, space can be extremely limited (perhaps as little as 25 characters), hence making each and every utterance count is crucial. All of this needs to be combined with a considered approach to the brand in question and how best to translate and showcase an organisation’s values. All of these factors are dictated by a comprehensive and well prepared digital marketing strategy underpinned by a skilled approach in terms of copywriting and design.

Copywriting for social media

Setting up, running and managing social media accounts – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ – and coming up with a cohesive and effective social media strategy are regular activities for the Loud Ladybird team. An important aspect of social media marketing is creating and executing interesting, arresting and appealing posts, tweets and updates that provide natural yet effective and professional social interactions that will raise your business’ profile and/or develop fresh leads. Developing an appropriate ‘voice’ and tone – that is befitting of your business, brand, industry and target market – is key. This is an aspect of social media copywriting that fits very comfortably within the editorial skillset of the Loud Ladybird team, as is coming up with imaginative content for social media. Selecting the optimum social media platform(s) is imperative and this is also an aspect of social media marketing that the Loud Ladybird team is experienced in.

Business copywriting

When approaching either new or established clients, it’s important to ensure that all correspondence is well written, grammatically correct, spelt accurately, as well as being professional, engaging and intelligible. The team at Loud Ladybird offers a flexible business copywriting service, supporting many firms with written communications – including letters, emails, quotes, estimates, handouts, presentations and other business literature – on both an ad hoc and on-going basis.

PR and media communications

Writing successful press releases, features, news and articles for local, national and trade-specific newspapers and magazines is an area of expertise for the Loud Ladybird team, which also has experience of working with broadcast media too. Having previously been employed on a busy features desk for a national publishing house and undertaken roles as sub editor, web editor and editor, as well as working for an internationally acclaimed PR agency, the team at Loud Ladybird is extremely well placed to write copy for the media and has enjoyed many successes – locally and nationally – on this basis.

Proof reading

Loud Ladybird has an experienced sub-editor and a professional proof reader on the team (these roles involve taking responsibility for proof reading articles, magazines and books before they are published to ensure that they are grammatically correct, free from mistakes, as well as highly readable and appropriate to the audience they’re aimed at. With this proof reading background, the team at Loud Ladybird is extremely well placed to offer a comprehensive proof reading service, applicable to any form of written communication. In the commercial context, it’s our role to ensure all written communications is clear and concise and delivers a strong call to action, as well as upholding a business’ brand and values.

The team at Loud Ladybird has proof read everything from a quick email through to promotional literature, technical documentation, proposals and tender applications.


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