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Developing a successful online presence is an achievement underpinned by implementing a fruitful and effective digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing options include PPC (pay per click) advertising, social media marketing, email propositions and digital PR.

With the right approach and use of appropriate digital platforms, achieving tangible results is a real benefit of digital marketing.

Loud Ladybird digital marketing services cohesively integrate with our website design service. This approach achieves best results whether the aim is raising your profile, developing brand awareness, gaining sales, increasing footfall or all of these.

Our digital marketing service draws on our graphic design, photography and copywriting services, maximising every opportunity to gain impressions, interactions or clicks through targeted copy with a clear call to action, striking imagery and design.

Social media engagement

Setting up and/or linking your new website to social media accounts is an everyday activity in the Loud Ladybird studio but also only the beginning of the story… We can also help with on-going posting and tweeting on behalf of your business utilising our professional copywriting and photographic skills to best effect in support of increased social engagement and interaction with your business.

We provide support throughout and – thanks to a journalistic background – can help you develop a tone and style befitting of your brand and industry as well as a campaign of updates. Some clients approach us for support with a one-off event or business initiative while others are keen to implement a rolling programme – we are utterly flexible in our approach and happy to work to a fixed budget.


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If you like the Loud Ladybird approach and want to discover how we can deliver results for your business, then do feel welcome to arrange a meeting or to request an estimate.