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Our elevated photography service, delivered through mast photography, offers the chance to gain the best vantage point possible. It’s particularly useful, for example, to show an entire property and so comes into its own for property photography but we’ve also been able to utilise our mast photography services in a range of commercial settings too. Businesses operating on large sites that want to showcase an overview of their premises can benefit from an elevated photography perspective and so our mast photography services come into their own.

Our photography mast, which is capable of supporting a full weight professional specification DSLR camera, elevates to nine metres (30 feet) and offers an exceptional view. Our team is experienced at using the photography mast to its best effect having undertaken numerous elevated photography projects.

Elevated photography projects have included: mast photography for photographing properties from an elevated perspective; offering a site wide perspective at commercial events; showcasing business facilities across an entire complex.

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