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A website with ambition

Clearly defining the role of your website is paramount – whether it is to be a sales tool, to showcase a service, publicise an event, or to raise your profile. Once its role is properly defined, this then informs every aspect of the website design project thereafter to ensure that the website delivers to its full potential. Read more about defining a role for your website.

Highly readable

Concise and engaging website copy supported with a clear call to action, ensures that your website achieves the task it’s been set whether the remit is to sell products and effortlessly guide users though the sales experience or to successfully advertise an event. Loud Ladybird’s copywriting team has plenty of experience in writing website copy that delivers.

Responsive as standard

Utilising the latest web technologies, the Loud Ladybird team delivers stylish, responsive websites that seamlessly work across all platforms – tablets, phones and computers – to provide the best experience for end users and to maximise your best advantage in terms of digital marketing. This is also fundamental for search engine listings. Read more about the importance of responsiveness.

Easy to use

A carefully considered structure and coherent information architecture ensures that websites produced by the Loud Ladybird team are intuitive to use and easy to navigate, always keeping the target market in mind and delivering information in a way that works.

Eye-catching design

Providing a striking website design that ensures visibility and standout is key, as well as being appropriately designed for the industry your business is in. Loud Ladybird’s qualified design team has copious experience in this regard and has worked across a variety of sectors ranging from arts  and events through to financial services.

Current and live

Once your new website is successfully online, keeping it up-to-date with fresh content is paramount. Fresh information not only keeps your website interesting for your target audience, it can also serve you well in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO).

With experience in editing magazines and coming up with PR and editorial ideas on a daily basis, the team at Loud Ladybird can help you come up with imaginative ways to keep your website updated with fresh content and can undertake the writing of news, features or case studies in support of this.

Content management

You may need support updating your website and this is fine – Loud Ladybird has a team in place dedicated to doing just that. Alternatively, you may wish to undertake website updates in-house. As such, we deliver a flexible website design service. In the latter case, we can provide your team with  password protected, secure access to a content management system (CMS) for your website, through which you can post updates. You can also count on the Loud Ladybird team for instruction and support on how to use this. Furthermore, we can work in conjunction with your team to provide additional ad hoc coverage on this basis if required.


The team at Loud Ladybird can work with images you supply for use on your website. Nevertheless, we regularly arrange and direct photo shoots to specifically showcase what your business offers. Extolling your unique brand and values with specific and personalised photography is extremely effective. Our experienced photography team not only delivers beautiful and web-ready photos for optimum loading times but can also help with ensuring the images successfully portray your brand.

Digital marketing

Loud Ladybird’s website design service is fully integrated with the creation of a successful and bespoke digital marketing strategy so you can get results from your website that tangibly translates into sales leads or increased footfall.

Social media

Setting up and/or linking your new website to social media accounts is an everyday activity in the Loud Ladybird studio. We can also help with on-going posting and tweeting on behalf of your business utilising our copywriting and photographic skills to their best effect in support of increased social engagement and interaction with your business.


It’s imperative that you can evaluate your website’s performance. To this end, the team at Loud Ladybird can set up and deliver analytical tools in support of this endeavour.

Domain names, hosting and emails

Whether you’re starting afresh and selecting a new domain name or you’re after a new look for an existing website, we can support with every aspect of the process from registering or transferring a domain name, supplying domain specific email addresses through to the provision of web hosting.

Technical specifications

The team at Loud Ladybird is fully conversant with all the latest technologies involved in the construction of successful and future proof websites. These include:  MySQL databases, html 5, WordPress, CSS 3 and jQuery.


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If you like the Loud Ladybird approach and want to discover how we can deliver results for your business, then do feel welcome to arrange a meeting or to request an estimate.