Choosing the right social media platform for your business to engage with is vital to ensure effort in this area is not wasted and that you achieve tangible success.

The correct choice of social media platform comes down to a number of criteria but here are a few ideas and examples to keep in mind when it comes to social media marketing.

Target market

If your business is a B2B enterprise then choose a social media platform that reflects this – perhaps LinkedIn or Twitter are the best choices for engagement.

Functionality that suits your offering

If you run an events based business, for example, then harnessing the following and functionality of Facebook could be the most worthwhile way forward. Facebook specifically provides the facility to share events and it’s a widely used and well accepted vehicle for Facebook users.

Wealth of information

If your business offers professional advice then putting out snippets that showcase your expertise – in the form of tweets – could be advantageous. Likewise, expending effort on Google+ – a growing social media channel – can also deliver results.

Photo worthy?

If your business’ successes can be quickly snapped on camera then Instagram could be an excellent choice of social media platform for you. Florists, cake makers, nail technicians and all businesses with visual end results would be very well placed to gain traction on Instagram. Likewise, if your offering can be well showcased via video then consider the use of YouTube.

Showcase character

If you’re keen to show that you business has character, style and a wholehearted interest in what it delivers then Pinterest might be the perfect way to share this. An interior designer, for example, is not only able to display latest projects but could also celebrate a genuine passion for all things related to interior design, collating boards that bring together interior fashions, fabrics, textures, colours and other sources of inspiration.

Considerate copy

While creating posts, tweets and images for social media may seem straightforward, copy and content for social media needs to be engaging and appropriate for the platform in play and for the audience it serves. It also needs to be giving in nature – endless self-publicising makes people switch off whereas genuine engagement with others and the sharing of useful or inspiring information gains traction.

One size does not fit all

A common mistake when it comes to social media is to simply blanket share the same information on all social media channels. It’s critical to make sure you know exactly how to make the most of each and every platform using its key selling points to your best advantage.


If terms like #ThrowbackThursday or #FollowFriday are something of an anathema, then you could be missing out on opportunities to engage, particularly on Twitter. Nonetheless, not all brands will be suited to this type of popular engagement so it’s important to understand how to use the # and if it’s appropriate for your business.

Hopefully this article has provided useful pointers for you but for further ideas about creating a successful social media marketing campaign for your business, do feel welcome to get in touch.

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