Word of 2015? You’ll never guess! 😉

It’s perhaps a sign of the times that the word “emoji” has been dubbed Word of the Year for 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries. Like it or loathe it, the emoji – the digital icon for emotion – has now gained something of an official status not to mention much publicity for its 2015 accolade. In the Loud Ladybird team, we have become reluctant fans of the emoji – granted, it does need to be used in moderation and it’s often not suitable in a professional setting but it can be a very quick and handy device in the appropriate circumstance. Still, the news has been met with a mixed response – laughing out loud (LOL) 😂, grimacing 😬, embarrassment that this is what the literary world has come to 😳, and then a few just bored by the whole subject 😴!

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